About Us

Every Glowbe tells a story - For us, Andrei & Ana Maria, Glowbes came to life as an inspiration to introduce our bundle of joy, baby Matthias, to our family and friends. Since our baby boy was born at the beginning of 2020, and with the global lockdown, all our plans were canceled; we wanted to capture the story of our little shining star and transform it into a lifetime memory that can be shared with our loved ones even from miles away. One of our family traditions is that each year we get a new ornament to hang in the Christmas tree. So we thought what could be a more personal gift than to capture our most special moment and the family tradition in a unique ornament and share the story in a magical glowing way.


We love offering personalized gifts that are original and specially designed for each person and occasion, but this time we decided to do more – as every Glowbe tells a story, why not spread the joy with the rest of the world?! And what could be a better occasion then just in time for the winter holidays, the happiest and most joyful time of year?