Last order for Dubai Christmas delivery 14th of December

You can have your Glowbes in just two steps:

1. Place your order

2. Choose & send us your photos/ messages you want onthe Glowbes!

 Any Glowbe can be personalized with two photos/a photo&a message/ 2 messages of your choice to create your unique Glowbes!

  🎁🏷️✍🏻Each Glowbe will come in its unique gift box and a with a tag that can be personalized with a handwritten message!

💌Free Delivery in UAE!

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28cm Lantern

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Glowbes XL 14cm

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The Glowbe

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How are Glowbes made?

After receiving your photos or messages, we will:

Compile the 3d lithophane digital file for each Glowbe

Optimize each lithophane for MSLA 3d printing3d print the Glowbes

Cure & wash each Glowbe of leftover resin in water - we are trying to keep our product as green as possible, so we switched from the alcohol to water curing resin

Use UV chamber curring to finish the Glowbe at the highest standard

Install the base

-with the battery pack and the 20 LEDs for the 80mm Glowbes

-with RGB Led for Glowbe XL and Lamp

Test each Glowbe to ensure the desired result is achieved

Each Glowbe is unique and it is made in-house by us.

Please note that this item is a decoration and not a toy

Thank you for your understanding.

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